Telecommunications, Internet, Cyberlaw, and Privacy Law and Policy

I led the legal team at the Department of Communications that crafted Canada’s Telecommunications Act, which was adopted in 1993, and appeared as a witness before Parliament during its adoption. I was subsequently engaged in the series of amendments that have substantially lifted the foreign ownership restrictions relating to telecommunications carriers. I provided extensive advice on the application of the foreign ownership restrictions in the context of radio and spectrum licensing.

I oversaw the drafting of the Radiocommunication Act, and, in recent years, have both provided advice on that Act and its regulations, as well as worked on proposals for amendments to the Act. I was counsel on the first cell phone recall in Canada, when tested cell phones failed to meet Canadian emission standards.

I have worked extensively on internet-related issues, including issues of legislative jurisdiction, the application of theCanadian Human Rights Act to activities on the internet, issues relating to regulatory oversight of the internet, internet governance, the application of specific laws to internet activity, and internet numbering.

In the course of my work with the Department of Justice, I worked extensively in the implementation of the Access toInformation Act and Privacy Acts. I have provided comprehensive advice with respect to both acts, and was deeply engaged in recent amendments to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) contained in Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. I have also worked on policy proposals that are incorporated in legislation amending PIPEDA (Bill C-12) that is now before Parliament.

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