Philip’s skills as a general counsel and top manager are formidable, but his outstanding achievement was reconstructing the organization and morale of a service that predecessors had left in shambles. He sought out, motivated and mentored talent that others had wasted.

His leadership skills and personal integrity are very rare, and leavened with his engaging personality and dry wit. He is a pleasure to work with or for.

– Howard Eddy, former Senior Legal Advisor, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, former senior litigator for British Columbia

I have known Philip professionally for more than 30 years, most recently when I was an Assistant Deputy Minister at Industry Canada where I and my staff were responsible for the development of Canada’s Anti-spam Legislation.

Philip has always displayed dedication, integrity and rigour in his work. His advice is always sensitive to the policy context and limitations of his clients. His advice is practical and can be acted upon.

He is forthright in his views, displays a good sense of humour, and has enjoyed excellent working relationships in often difficult circumstances.

Helen McDonald, former Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry Canada

Philip’s interest, enthusiasm and his dry wit are infectious. So is his talent. A skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, effective leader, inventive speaker and an impressive writer. A pleasure to recommend.

Barb Stanley, Broadcasting/Communications Executive, formerly with Fundy Cablevision

I worked with Philip when I was an Assistant Deputy Minister at the Department of Communications, and have known him both personally and professionally since. Philip always provided contextually appropriate advice to assist management decision-making. He had excellent relations with both clients and peers. His advice was always clear and helpful. He has always displayed the highest standards of professional integrity, while also enjoying a keen sense of humour. Philip is attentive, thorough, clear thinking and posses excellent writing skills.

Richard Stursberg, former Vice-President, English Programming at CBC, former executive at Telus, Rogers former Assistant Deputy Minister at the Department of Communications

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