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National Courts and the Future of the Internet: Google Inc. v. Equustek Solutions Inc.

Of the issues facing Internet services and Internet users, one of the most intractable is that of the impact of national courts on the operations of Internet services such as Google, Facebook, and Bing. For the providers of Internet services,

Pick and Pay: Escape from the Walled Garden

The decision of the CRTC to require the unbundling of cable, satellite and wireline delivered broadcasting is the single most radical decision that the CRTC has made since the forced sale of American interests in Canadian radio and TV stations

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The Silent Revolution of 2014: The Regulation of Telecoms

The present Government is known for presenting amazingly lengthy and complex budget implementation bills (BIAs) that often contain new policy directions that have never had a public airing. The current Bill C-43 does not disappoint in this regard: it vastly

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