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Government Kills Cyber Remedies as Cyber Threats Mount

In a secretive manoeuvre, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (fondly called ISED) announced on June 7, nearly a week after Cabinet had acted, that the most important remedies available to businesses and consumers threatened with cyberattacks had been, indeed,

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Electoral Politics and CASL

As Canada finds itself in the final weeks of a hard-fought federal election, there have been some commentators who have alleged that Canadian political parties are violating Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (see here: and here: Given the centrality of

CASL and Municipal Governments

With six weeks to go before the anti-spam provisions of CASL come into force, there is considerable uncertainty as to what is a commercial electronic message (or “cem” as its known in the CASL jargon).  This results from the cumulative

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CASL: Charities and Not-for Profit Organisations Part 2: The Family and Personal Relationship Exemption

In my last post, Part 1 of this series, I explained how the charitable and not-for-profit sector could without much difficulty comply with the requirements to obtain consent for the sending of commercial electronic messages and to comply with the

CASL: Charities and Not-for-Profit Organisations Part 1 Express Consent and the “existing non-business relationship”

I have been noting with interest the concerns that have been expressed by the charitable and not-for-profit sector respecting the application of CASL to their activities. I am deeply sympathetic to the needs of the charitable and not-for-profit sector, having

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CASL Regulations

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The following is the letter I sent to Industry Canada in response to the recent publication of the draft Electronic Commerce Protection Regulations. As you will see, while I think the legislation will be of great benefit to both individual

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