This is my first posting to this blog, so I think it wise to say a few words about what I would like this blog to serve.

First, while my emphasis will be on legal and policy issues related to telecommunications, internet and connected subjects, I will from time to time discuss other timely legal or policy domains where there are issues of general interest or developments that should be brought to your attention.

Second, while my blog will deal with issues of controversy, it not my objective to present merely my opinions, but to situate the issues in their context and suggest the impact of decisions or judgments on the interests of diverse communities of interest or opinion.

Third, I hope that this will be a tool for interacting with the both my clientele and members of the public.  I hope that readers will share their views and comments generously in this space – without perhaps the vitriol that so often dominates the blogosphere.

While I do not plan to use this blog as a platform for polemic, I do not pretend to or wish to be neutral on the subjects I discuss.  I will however be clear about the difference between the actual decision or opinion that I am commenting on and my personal views.

So, welcome readers:  I look forward to lively discussion and the sharing of ideas.

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