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Some Modest Proposals for Legislative Change

Friday and Saturday of last week, I attended a conference Rebooting Canada’s Communications Legislation: A conference to examine changes to Canada’s broadcasting and telecommunications legislation, hosted by the University of Ottawa’s Centre on Governance and the Forum for Research and Policy

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Secret Information Undermines the Legitimacy of CRTC Decisions

The CRTC’s wholesale mobile wireless decision (Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2015-177) is notable in its thoroughgoing abandonment of regulatory forbearance in wholesale roaming matters. Since the introduction of cell phones 30 years ago, the CRTC has taken a hands-off approach

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Structural Separation: It’s Time to be Impolite

In polite circles in Canada it is considered infra dig to allude to the structural separation of telecommunications common carriers. It is not up for discussion. The aversion is visceral and uncommonly widespread. Structural separation is an approach to telecommunications

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Facilities Based Competition: Fibre to the Home

Oft repeated in the course of the CRTC’s wholesale access proceedings was the virtue of investment in telecommunications facilities. The incumbents and their expert economists argue that resellers of telecommunications capacity are some sort of parasitic beast, who can only

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